Crumps Dog Treats Review: Nutritious & Training-Friendly

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Looking for the perfect treat to spoil your furry friend? Crumps’ dog treats might just be what you’re after. With a focus on natural ingredients and a variety of flavours, these treats have been wagging tails all over.

In this article, you’ll get an honest review of Crumps’ dog treats, exploring their nutritional benefits, taste, and overall value. Whether you’re training your pup or just giving a well-deserved snack, you’ll find out if Crumps’ is the right choice for your dog’s treat time.

Nutritional Benefits of Crumps’ Dog Treats

When you’re searching for treats that offer more than just taste, Crumps’ dog treats stand out due to their high nutritional value. Each treat is designed to cater to your dog’s health as well as their taste buds.

High-Quality Protein: Crumps’ provides treats that are rich in proteins, crucial for your dog’s muscle development and energy levels. They use real meats and fish, ensuring your pet gets quality protein sources.

Low in Fat: Many options available are low in fats, which is essential if you’re watching your dog’s weight or managing a low-fat diet due to health concerns.

Here’s a brief snapshot of the nutritional offerings by Crumps’:

  • Crumps’ Naturals Sweet Potato Chews: A source of dietary fiber, helping to maintain healthy digestion
  • Crumps’ Naturals Mini Trainers Freeze-Dried Beef Liver: Packed with iron, zinc, and other essential vitamins
  • Gutsy Dehydrated Dog Treat: Supports good digestive health with prebiotics and omega-3 fatty acids

In terms of specific nutrients, let’s break it down:

Treat Type Key Nutrient Benefits
Sweet Potato Based Treats Fiber, Vitamins A and C
Meat-Based Treats High Proteins, Iron, Essential Amino Acids
Fish-Based Treats Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Low-Calorie Protein Source

These treats not only reward your dog but also contribute to their overall well-being. By feeding Crumps’ treats, you’re ensuring that your beloved pet receives beneficial nutrients that can enhance their health in conjunction with a balanced diet.

Tasty Flavours to Spoil Your Furry Friend

Crumps’ treats come in a variety of flavours that are sure to tantalize your dog’s taste buds. Each treat is crafted with care, ensuring that your pet is not only enjoying a tasty snack but also receiving the nutritional benefits they need. Here’s a glimpse into the flavours that will have your dog wagging their tail in delight:

  • Beef Liver: Savoury and rich, this option is a hit for meat-loving canines and is packed with protein.
  • Sweet Potato: A sweet, chewy alternative that’s great for digestive health and is a hit with vegetarian pooches.
  • Chicken: Lean and full of flavour, chicken treats cater to dogs that crave poultry and provide essential amino acids.

The real-life impact of these flavourful snacks is evident in the reviews by pet owners. Take Bella, a Border Collie with a discerning palate. She went from indifferent to her old treats to eagerly awaiting her Crumps’ sweet potato snacks, which also helped improve her digestive regularity.

Then there’s Max, a Labrador with a tendency to put on weight, who switched to the low-fat beef liver treats. His owner reports a noticeable boost in his energy levels, and his weight is now under control, allowing him to live a happier and healthier life.

Not only are Crumps’ treats delectable, they’re also free from artificial colours and flavours, making them a smart choice for conscientious pet owners. The use of minimal ingredients ensures that your dog is not consuming unnecessary additives, keeping their diet clean and wholesome.

Remember, variety isn’t just the spice of life for humans. Introducing different flavours of Crumps’ treats to your dog’s routine can help keep mealtime exciting and provide a range of nutritional benefits without resorting to less healthy alternatives.

Photo Crumps Dog Treats Buy
Crumps' Naturals Mt-Fd-105...image Crumps' Naturals Mt-Fd-105 Mini Trainers Freeze Dried Beef Liver (1 Pack), 126 G (Packaging may vary) Check Price
Crumps' Naturals Beef...image Crumps' Naturals Beef Liver Bites for Pets, 5.5 -Ounce Check Price
Crumps Naturals Mini...image Crumps Naturals Mini Trainers Duck (semi-Moist) 4.7oz Check Price
Crumps Naturals Mini...image Crumps Naturals Mini Trainers Lamb (semi-Moist) 4.7oz Check Price
Crumps' Naturals Mt...image Crumps' Naturals Mt Mini Trainers Beef (Semi-Moist) (1 Pack)300g/10.6oz Check Price
Crumps' Naturals Sweet...image Crumps' Naturals Sweet Potato Chews 11.6oz / 330g, Brown (SP-330) Check Price
Crumps' Naturals Beef...image Crumps' Naturals Beef Tendersticks, 8.8oz / 250g Check Price
Crumps' Naturals Pbb-3.5 Crumps' Naturals Pbb-3.5" 18Pk Bacon Dental Dog Treats Check Price
Crumps' Naturals PB-WP-7 Crumps' Naturals PB-WP-7" Plaque Busters with Pumpkin Spice, 7"- 10 Pack (270g/9.5oz) Check Price
Crumps' Naturals Sweet...image Crumps' Naturals Sweet Potato Chews, PRODUCT MAY VARY 612g/21.6oz Check Price
Crumps' Naturals Traditional...image Crumps' Naturals Traditional Liver Fillets 11.6oz / 330g Check Price

Quality Ingredients for a Healthy Treat

When it comes to dog treats, the quality of ingredients directly impacts your pet’s health. Crumps’ dog treats use premium-grade meats and whole vegetables, ensuring that your furry friend receives beneficial nutrients with every bite.

Real meats like beef liver provide a rich source of protein, essential for muscle development and energy. Unlike some treats that use meat by-products, Crumps’ commitment to quality means your dog gets the protein they need without unnecessary fillers. Their sweet potato treats contain dietary fiber, promoting healthy digestion, and they’re packed with vitamins A and C to support immune function.

The single-ingredient nature of these treats, such as the chicken breast, offers a wholesome, easily digestible snack. This is especially important for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those with allergies to common pet food ingredients.

  • Protein-rich snacks maintain lean muscle
  • Fiber aids in healthy digestion
  • Vitamins A & C boost the immune system
  • Easily digestible for sensitive pets

Crumps’ treats are not just healthy, they’re also safely sourced. Ingredients are traced from reliable farms and processed in a facility that adheres to strict quality standards—meaning you’re giving your dog a treat that’s as safe as it is nutritious.

Your dog’s diet deserves the same care and consideration that you’d give to any family member. By choosing Crumps’ natural and healthful treats, you’re ensuring that their snack time contributes to their overall well-being—supporting growth, vigor, and vitality throughout their life stages.

Training Your Pup with Crumps’ Treats

Effective training of your beloved dog isn’t just about commands and routines; it also hinges on the quality of the rewards you use. That’s where Crumps’ treats come in handy. Not only are they mouth-watering for your pup, but their size and nutritional value make them ideal for training sessions.

When you’re working on obedience or new tricks, you need a treat that’s going to captivate your dog’s attention and reinforce positive behaviour. Crumps’ treats are perfectly suited for this purpose. They are small enough to be given frequently without overfeeding, and their strong, appealing aroma keeps your dog interested in the task at hand.

Here’s how Crumps’ treats can be a game-changer in how you train your pup:

  • Maintain Focus: The tempting flavours help your dog concentrate on your instructions.
  • Reward Instantly: Their size allows for immediate gratification, reinforcing the connection between action and reward.
  • Healthy Motivation: Made from natural ingredients, these treats are a guilt-free way to encourage your pup.

Countless pet owners have reported success with Crumps’ treats during training sessions, noting their dogs’ eagerness to comply for the tasty incentive. Whether it’s sit, stay, or a complicated agility course, incorporating Crumps’ treats seems to increase enthusiasm and accelerate learning.

Remember, the key to successful training is consistency and the quality of the reward. By integrating Crumps’ treats into your regimen, you’re not just rewarding your dog—you’re boosting their health and vitality. With Crumps’, you’re equipping your pup with the nutritional support necessary for a sharp mind and active body, reinforcing those desired behaviours with every luscious bite.

Is Crumps’ Dog Treats Worth the Hype?

When you’re browsing through reviews and trying to determine if Crumps’ dog treats live up to the praise, you’ll find a robust list of upheld claims supported by dog owners and professionals alike. The hype circling Crumps’ dog treats isn’t just hot air—it’s anchored in real benefits that cater to your dog’s health and happiness.

  • High-Quality Protein Sources: Crumps’ treats primarily use beef liver, chicken, and sweet potato, which provide your dog with essential amino acids for muscle development and repair.
  • Low-Fat Content: Ideal for dogs on a calorie-conscious diet, the treats promote a balanced approach to snacking without compromising on nutrition.
  • No Artificial Additives: With a transparency that’s appreciated, these treats contain no artificial colours or flavours, aligning with a whole-foods philosophy.

Customers consistently validate these treats through their narratives of improved vitality in their pets. A Labrador owner reported their previously finicky eater displaying renewed excitement at mealtime, attributing this to the integration of Crumps’ treats as a reward mechanism. Similarly, a case study involving a dog agility school saw an increase in performance among the canines that were motivated using Crumps’ treats, noting their aptitude in maintaining focus and energy.

This testimony is evidence not just of a product that entices dogs, but one that also meets their complex dietary needs without resorting to filler ingredients. The combination of palatability and wholesome nutrition is what gives Crumps’ treats their well-deserved reputation.


You’ve seen how Crumps’ dog treats stand out for their nutritional value and palatability. With a range of flavours to choose from and a commitment to high-quality, low-fat ingredients, these treats are not just tasty but also beneficial for your dog’s health. They’re an excellent tool for training, providing the instant reward your dog needs without compromising on nutrition. The positive feedback from pet owners and professionals alike confirms that Crumps’ treats are more than just hype. They deliver results, enhancing your dog’s vitality and performance. Whether you’re looking to improve your dog’s training experience or simply give them a healthy snack, Crumps’ dog treats are a choice you can feel good about.

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