BCR 18lb Blend Review: Savings & Nutrition for Pets

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Looking for a hassle-free pet food solution? Cricket and Company’s latest offering, the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend, promises convenience without compromising on nutrition. It’s tailored for pet owners who are short on time but still want the best for their furry friends.

In this review, you’ll get the lowdown on whether this blend lives up to the hype. We’ll explore the ingredients, nutritional value, and overall cost-effectiveness. Is it the right choice for your pet? Keep reading to find out.

Ingredients of the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend

When you’re investing in your pet’s health, knowing what goes into their food is crucial. Cricket and Company have formulated the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend with a carefully curated selection of ingredients aimed at providing a balanced diet for your furry friends.

High-quality proteins serve as the foundation of this blend, sourced from real meats like chicken, lamb, and fish. These ingredients are not only tasty for your pets but also packed with essential amino acids crucial for muscle development and maintenance.

The inclusion of complex carbohydrates from brown rice and sweet potatoes ensures your pets have the sustained energy they need throughout the day. These carbs are easy on the digestive system and serve as an excellent source of dietary fiber.

Essential fatty acids, particularly omega-3 and omega-6, are derived from natural sources such as flaxseed and fish oils in the BCR blend. These fats contribute to a shiny coat, healthy skin, and an efficient cardiovascular system.

A variety of vitamins and minerals are blended into the recipe to support overall health. Key nutrients like calcium for strong bones, iron for blood health, and antioxidants for immune support are included to cater to your pet’s holistic wellness.

This blend also acknowledges the importance of probiotics and prebiotics which aid in digestion and support gut health. The presence of these elements means your pet is less likely to experience gastrointestinal upsets, enabling them to absorb more nutrients from their food.

Nutritional Value of the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend

When selecting the right food for your pet, understanding the nutritional value is key. The BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend is packed with nutrients essential for your pet’s health.

Proteins are the building blocks of muscle and are crucial for repair and growth. This blend provides a rich source of high-quality proteins from whole meat sources, ensuring your pet’s muscle development is well-supported.

Carbohydrates are necessary for energy, and the BCR blend offers complex carbohydrates, like sweet potatoes, which release energy slowly, helping your pet stay active and energised throughout the day.

Essential fatty acids, particularly omega-3 and omega-6, have a vital role in maintaining healthy skin and a glossy coat. They also support cardiovascular health. The BCR blend contains a balanced ratio of these fatty acids to promote your pet’s well-being.

Vitamins and minerals in the blend aid in bolstering the immune system and ensuring proper metabolic functions. Vitamins A, D, and E are included alongside important minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which contribute to strong bones and healthy teeth.

Lastly, gut health is pivotal. This blend is formulated with probiotics and prebiotics to enhance digestive health, ensuring a healthy gut flora and better nutrient absorption.

This combination of nutrients in the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend not only meets the daily nutritional requirements of your pet but also aids in promoting long-term health and vitality.

Cost-Effectiveness of the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend

When you’re weighing the value of the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend, the first thing to consider is price per serving. This blend makes economic sense when compared to similar products on the market. The Grab-n-Go Blend offers a bulk option, which typically translates into cost savings over time. Look at it this way: buying in larger quantities reduces the per-meal cost, making the upfront price well worth it.

Beyond the price, evaluate the long-term benefits your pet will enjoy. Optimal health supported by high-quality nutrition may lead to fewer vet visits and lower medical bills. Preventative health care starts with what you feed your pet and investing in a nutritious diet can pay off in the long run.

Break down the specifics of what you’re getting with BCR’s New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend:

  • Vast array of nutrients in one bag
  • No need for supplemental feeding
  • High quality ingredients that may reduce health issues

Remember, this isn’t just about your pet’s present diet; it’s about their overall well-being and your peace of mind. When your pet thrives on a robust diet, you’re likely to see a happier, more active companion, which is invaluable.

When considering cost-effectiveness, factor in both the immediate and future benefits to your pet’s health. The upfront cost is mitigated by the comprehensive nutrition and potential savings on health expenses. It’s a holistic approach to your pet’s lifestyle that begins with what’s in their bowl.

Is the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend the Right Choice for Your Pet?

Deciding on the perfect diet for your pet is pivotal to their health and happiness. The BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend might just tick all the boxes for your furry friend’s nutritional needs. Here’s why:

Tailored Nutrition
Firstly, consider the tailored nutritional profile of the blend. It’s crafted to meet the dietary requirements of dogs across various life stages. High in protein and fortified with vitamins and essential minerals, it supports your pet’s energetic lifestyle.

  • Protein-rich for muscle maintenance
  • Calcium-infused for strong bones
  • Balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 ratio for healthy skin and coat

Cost-Effective Bulk Purchase
The 18lb package offers a bulk purchase that’s not just cost-effective but also ensures that you’re stocked up on a quality diet for the foreseeable future. This blend eliminates frequent trips to the store, saving you both time and money.

High-Quality Ingredients
Moreover, high-quality ingredients are paramount for your pet’s well-being. This blend boasts a list of premium components:

  • Locally sourced meat and vegetables
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Ethically raised animal proteins

Convenient Feeding Solution
Lastly, the convenience factor cannot be overstated. The Grab-n-Go concept is designed for busy pet owners who value both quality and ease of use. The resealable package ensures freshness with every portion served, making mealtime a breeze.

When weighing your options, remember to factor in these key benefits that the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend can bring to your pet’s diet. With its combination of nutritional value, affordability, and convenience, it stands as a competitive choice for pet owners looking to strike that perfect balance in their pet’s nutritionplan.


You’re now well-versed in the advantages of the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend for your pet’s dietary needs. With its high protein content, essential calcium, and optimal balance of Omega fatty acids, this blend stands out for its nutritional value. The bulk purchase not only is kind to your wallet but also ensures you have a quality supply on hand for convenience. Choosing this blend means you’re opting for a smart, convenient solution to keep your pet healthy and satisfied. So if you’re looking for a top-notch diet for your furry friend, the BCR New 18lb Grab-n-Go Blend should definitely be on your radar.

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