From Our Pantry

A whole ‘lotta options can be found in our Pantry for your dogs and cats.  We’ve taken the time to curate and stock the cream-of-the-crop of dry food and wet or canned options.
This is also where we keep the best dehydrated / freeze-dried diets to complement our all-star line up of raw feeding options in our Freezers.

Let us help you figure out if what you’re feeding your furry loved ones is the right food for them.

Trust that what you’re buying is only the best in the bowl
for your furry family !
… so naturally we love when our customers notice …
” It’s just great ! So much focus on Canadian companies, highest quality ingredients – some local, human grade, organic – even small family owned and manufactured, no byproducts … all my pets love when I come home after visiting this shop ! ”
anonymous happy customer